We are a collaborative TimeBank organization that believes everyone, regardless of economic status, should be able to store social capital and gain access to resources.

We connect people and communities to create an abundant time exchange network that builds qualitative relationships.

Everyone has value, regardless of their income!

Our Company Mission

It is the mission of TimeKeeper LLC to provide a stable network where services and requests can be exchanged between individuals and timebanking communites.

Meet our Founder


Founder and CEO

Born in 1987, Keith Hupp has had a remarkable journey both in his young life and within his career. He was raised by a single dad and his paternal grandparents. Not having the opportunity to complete college, only emboldened him to continuously educate himself through reading and applying his new found knowledge. Keith has worked many jobs in his life (eg. working on a farm, tow-truck driver, refrigeration technician, Emergency Response Team Captain) that has now culminated in being a CEO of his own community startup. Keith was lucky enough to grow up with a loving and supportive father, who taught him that spending time with loved ones was more important than stressing out about money and materialism. His upbringing and life experience has led to the creation of this sharing economy platform. His hobbies are programming, social justice, reading and spending time with loved ones. Keith welcomes dialog on alternative economies, so be sure to join in the discussion on Facebook and Twitter.

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