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+ $25 Verification Fee

TimeKeeper offers a variety of tools and services to help you increase member retention, engage your local community and bring value back to the core economy

Single or multiple community accounts

The cost depends on the number of locations your community serves, not by how many members are participating in your communities.

Upgrade your account anytime from the admin panel to add multiple locations.

Timebank Verification Process

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One time payment

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Frequently Asked Questions

After my payment is processed, how long until my community is displayed within the mobile application? Is there a waiting period?

TimeKeeper strives to approve new community accounts within 2 business days. We'll follow up with you if we require additional information, so if your organization is pending be sure to check your email inbox for a message from one of our TimeKeeper team members regarding your account.

My organization already has timebanking software are hours on TimeKeeper compatible?

TimeKeeper is a stand alone software platform, so no software integration is needed. Exchanging hours from one software platform to another is simple, each hour on TimeKeeper is valued as 1 and should be exchanged one hour for one hour, please keep in mind hours are a qualitative form of exchange as a measure of your communities participation.

Why is their a verification fee?

We verify all communities on TimeKeeper this ensure the communities you meet align with our value system.

What information is required during registration?

Required documentation will vary depending on the type of organization. Find out what you'll need to provide to get your organization approved by registering for an account first.

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